The great liberal give back

Radical Democrats are so outraged by the supposed theft of America from the Indians — see recent Supreme Court ruling declaring the eastern half of Oklahoma, containing over 5 million acres and the city of Tulsa, a Creek Nation reservation. American patriots would like to see these bellicose liberals put their beliefs where their bellyaches are.

With that said, every anti-American should identify the rightful owners of their real estate. This is the land located under these liberals’ homes and businesses which was stolen from the Indians. After demolishing their insidious “white” Eurocentric buildings, these anti-American liberals should immediately return the unimproved land to the Indians. And when they do so, they should grovel with apologies on behalf of Columbus, Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Sacajawea, and Pocahontas, and then begin trashing their monuments.

The good news is that it will now be much easier for these guilt-liberated liberals to relinquish their citizenship in the United States. These Democrats don’t believe in the United States, or even think that it’s legitimate. Therefore America doesn’t really exist for them. Renouncing their citizenship will be like clicking off a movie they don’t like. After that, they can exit America forever and return to their ancestral homelands. Bon voyage! And if these radical liberals don’t leave — which, of course, they won’t — then they’ll be brazenly admitting in public their complete contempt for credible speech. And all American lovers of open, honest, and substantial discussion will henceforth dismiss their verbiage with a click of their ears.




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