Watching sports on TV

Can you remember looking forward to watching your favorite sports teams on TV? For me it was a joy to watch my Pirates and Steelers. I also enjoyed the NBA. Now it seems that pro sports, and soon college sports, will all be a commentary on “social justice” or other causes favored by the teams and the athletes. It is bad enough with the players changing teams willy nilly for more money that you can’t experience any loyalty to a team because you can’t recognize them from year to year. And now we have to deal with Black Lives Matter (a Marxist organization) every which way you turn, especially the NBA and pro soccer. I’m basically sick of it and will not watch anymore. This is my “peaceful protest” and I’m not alone. It’s bad enough to watch a game without fans but, mark my words, even when fans are allowed to return, there won’t be as many. So sad.


South Williamsport

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