Convention review

I managed to watched both the DNC and the RNC conventions. Both use pre-recorded speeches, virtual transmissions, along with a few select live speeches. Both conventions presented members of the opposing party speaking at their conventions. Both conventions showed diversity in their party. Each was fact checked and each was reviewed by critics and political pundits. Both relied on fear to motivate voters to vote for them, each claims a vote for the other guy means America is doomed for failure.

I like that there wasn’t the rambunctious crowds of past conventions. I was able to hear all the speeches for the most part without the noise, very bare bones. I loved the virtual roll call where you get to see all 50 states and seven territories. There were some good speeches at both conventions but nothing was very powerful. Some were very moving and again from both conventions. I cannot honestly say one has a game changer or a stand out moment. Both had fireworks, RNC’s was better but some say it was from China.

Even the President’s acceptance speech was a snooze fest, I found myself wondering if it had an end, having it outside in the heat was not a good idea; the audience was wilting and withering. The only bright moment that night was Melanie’s dress. For all that I liked about the conventions, both were subdued without the caucuses and delegates. To borrow a common refrain from President Trump, “low energy.”

The DNC convention showcased empathy. The RNC convention emphasized law and order. Both conventions tried to hit the right cords but I felt they fell short. Both were short on policies. Each placated their bases but I wonder how much they reached the independent voters. Both conventions were critical of the other side. The RNC promoted more of the same and by using the same platform made in 2016 for 2020 that would be an accurate assessment. The DNC offers a different approach.

Questions are being raised if the RNC violated the Hatch Act with holding their convention on federal property. There were so many choices that the RNC did that was questionable. It may have made for “good” television but it is a question of political ethics. The RNC put on a good show and I am sure their base loved it.

Our nation is at the crossroads — do we stay on the same course the RNC has laid out or do we choose the lane the DNC is taking? Republicans and Democrats will, for the most part, stay in their lane. Independents once again will be the deciding factor. We will not know until November.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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