Defund the police?

So, in Labor Day’s paper, a letter was published calling for Williamsport Police Department to be defunded. This from a guy who lives in Montoursville. So, I guess he never travels to Williamsport. (It’s so far away, and barely accessible.)

How is it that all these so-called liberals and leftists can be so deranged? Is it their medications, their diet, the water (I doubt that, although I don’t live in the borough, but I do see a lot of stupidity from people whose taps are fed by WMWA), or what? Is it their education, or is it the fact that they watch the lame-stream media with their scripted responses and total subservience to the Democratic Party. You know, the one that’s destroying cities, wants to raise taxes by $4 billion on 83 percent of the populace, defund the police and take your firearms so you can’t defend yourself or your family. That party.

It seems that the hatred for Donald Trump and reasonable, freedom-loving Americans is so deep that rational thought on their part is impossible. They are the party of “Do what I say, not what I do” as witness Pelosi’s use of a beauty salon in San Francisco, where they’re all closed, without a mask, where they’re required.

I see so many letters degrading those who love the freedom and opportunities this nation provides from people who have made their livings by those same opportunities. One writer is, supposedly, a retired Army officer. Whose Army? By the letters he writes, it can’t be ours.

So, to all of you who don’t like it here, feel free to move to a more agreeable neighborhood. There are many places opening up in New York City, as people are fleeing the lawlessness and ridiculous taxes imposed by their socialist mayor, or California, where businesses are leaving for lower taxes and decreased restrictions imposed by decades of leftist, socialist politicians. Or, go whole hog. Cuba and Venezuela are always sunny and warm. You may starve to death or be imprisoned for no reason but, hey, it’s what you seem to be striving for. I’m sure you’ll have many helping you pack.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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