DNC platform

To all the readers who plan on voting for Biden and other Democrats, this is what I believe you will be voting for:

AOC and “the squad.” If Biden wins they will be running a lot of things. AOC is already earmarked to be his energy czar. Ask California how green energy is working out.

Abortion on demand and even killing the infant after it is born. If you don’t believe in abortion, you are a racist, in my opinion.

You are also not welcome in the Democratic Party if you are pro-life. (Just ask the DNC Chairman)

Cutting military spending

Cutting police spending

BLM, antifa, anarchy

Shutting down the economy again (Biden said he’d do it)

Need I list all of the former Obama flunkies who will be back? Gives me the shakes.

Taking away your guns

Kamala Harris

Increase in taxes and regulations

Businesses leaving the country again

Less freedom

A stronger Communist China

There are plenty of other reasons not to vote Democrat.


South Williamsport

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