Help with strings attached

I recently read the article about Camp Susque and area churches providing space for hybrid students to learn. I commend those involved for responding quickly to a real need. Countless families were suddenly faced with an impossible situation of needing to work and not having child care for their kids. However, I was disappointed to find out that while this appeared to be a religiously neutral partnership between Camp Susque and the school district, that is not the case. These learning sites indicate on their registration form that they also include religious programming. Even though students have the option to opt out, it will put many children in, at best, an awkward, unfamiliar religious situation.

Religious folks, at their best, meet human needs with no strings attached. There are expenses to this program and I would feel better about the call for public funding if the organizations involved were strictly to supply space and educational support for the students and district. Let parents and churches meet spiritual needs at a time that is both appropriate and at the parent’s expressed desire.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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