Lee Griffin

According to Lee Griffin who is running for Congress against incumbent Fred Keller, the U.S. Post Office is the largest employer of military veterans (97,000) and is a public service that many people rely on for medication, Social Security checks, and online purchases.

In contrast, according to Fred Keller’s own newsletter, he appeared on FOX news to brag how he voted against the recent bill in the House of Representatives to give needed funding to the USPS in spite of the fact that 26 other House Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Keller, along with President Trump, must be actively trying to sabotage the Post Office in our country in order to undermine mail-in voting.

We need a thoughtful and proactive leader in the 12th District. As a business owner, himself, Lee Griffin will focus on job creation and taking care of farmers and small businesses. He will also protect our Social Security and support public education.

Remember to vote on Nov. 3, or vote by mail as soon as you receive your ballot, and vote Lee Griffin for the U.S. Congress.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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