Mail-in ballots

Aside from the voter-fraud implication of mass mail-in ballots, has anyone ever considered the Post Office inability to deliver mail to the right place in a timely manner?

Not that long ago, I tracked a package coming to my house. I watched as it arrived in Harrisburg, came to Watsontown, went back to Harrisburg, went to Lancaster, back to Harrisburg, back to Lancaster, back to Harrisburg, and then disappeared. I had the item replaced. A few weeks later I received an envelope with original package in it with a note that said “contents missing.”

There was a spell last winter into spring where I was regularly receiving mail for someone else. The only thing that matched between the two of us was the numerical address. I contacted the Post Office several times and sent a note to the other party telling them to do the same. I finally stopped receiving their mail. My neighbor’s mail shows up in my box quite frequently as well. In the last two months three packages left Amazon in New Jersey and were never seen again.

Yet we are supposed to have full confidence that our mail-in ballots will arrive safely and be counted? I’m not so sure.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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