Missing the point

Amidst great publicity, the Lincoln Project announced its formation, with the stated intent of rallying Republicans to oppose President Trump by voting for Joe Biden. Now, locally, another Republican announces his intention to similarly vote against Trump. The underlying theme of all of these actions is “Never Trump.” Their objections are not to the Republican Party; indeed, they proudly announce themselves as Republicans. Their objection is to the Republican candidate.

They are missing the point. The coal miner who votes for Trump because “he’ll save my job;” the voter who supports Biden because of “free stuff,” is missing the point. Campaign promises to the contrary: “Ask not what your party can do for you, ask rather what your party can do for the country.” I believe that the Republican Party can do more.

This election is not about personalities, it is about direction. The two parties have clear ideas as to the direction in which the U.S. should go and those directions are very different. Focusing on President Trump’s personality, language, and behavior ignores these differences and voting against him is really a vote for the direction that the Democratic Party proposes. And what are these proposals? Despite Biden’s claim to being a “centrist,” the Democrats have been pulled to the left. Were it not so, would Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be supporting him?

On education: “Free” college for all.

On health care: “Free” Medicare for all.

On immigration: Sanctuary for illegal immigrants

On guns: Background checks for all, including spouses and children.

On commerce: “I never met a regulation I didn’t like.”

On justice: “Put a Black woman on the Supreme Court.” Is it not racist and sexist to choose a candidate on that basis? Is it not offensive to believe that all Blacks and women think like Democrats?

The Republican Party, unchanged from the 2016 campaign, proposes a different direction.

On education: Parents should have a choice of schools for K-12. College is not for everybody; vocational and technical training are both at least as valuable.

On health care: Health care should be private; no one should be coerced into having coverage.

On immigration: What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?

On guns: The Second Amendment is part of our Constitution.

On commerce: Business and industry should be encouraged as the foundations of our economy, not as adversaries to be vilified.

On justice: The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, to be interpreted only in terms of what it says.

Summarizing: to be a Republican is to support the Republican Party’s direction. Voting “Never Trump” supports the Democratic Party’s direction, and cuts off your nose to spite your face. Be careful what you wish for.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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