Trump supporters

There’s no kind way of stating this but the reason this nation is in the state it’s in is because of the mentality of those who vote. I see it locally in Williamsport up close and this is of course not unique to this little hamlet. I see the hate in people’s hearts with every Trump sign staked into so many yards in spite of the President’s words and actions. He bad mouths vets, that’s fine; he talks openly about grabbing women, that’s fine too; he dispenses misinformation about the coronavirus, no problem, it’s only our lives at stake after all! I’m not sure what they thought a failed real estate tycoon with a fortune in untold debts was going to do for this country. It goes without saying that he has a history of sexual misconduct but this doesn’t matter as long as he holds up a Bible. I gotta tell ya, religious people are a bunch of rubes and they’re ruining the world! We wouldn’t have this President if it wasn’t for these Holy Rollers!



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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