About trusting the vaccine

Dave Troisi’s column, “Trust the science — including the virus vaccine,” in the Oct. 11 edition basically blasts Kamala Harris, the Democratic candidate for vice president. He says that she said “she will not trust the vaccine because of this president.” Troisi must then have fallen asleep during the VP debate. Right after Harris said that about the President, she said that if independent scientists support a vaccine, she will be willing to be the first in line! In other words, what she said is “Trust the science — including the virus vaccine.” In still other words, Troisi’s title supports what Harris said!

Troisi then goes on as if Harris doesn’t trust the science! Among other things, he questions if any company “would commit the economic suicide of producing an illegitimate, possibly deadly vaccine.” The companies have already been paid millions of dollars, and if they do fail, they and Trump will find other people to blame. That’s one of Trump’s habits. Trump has already put his puppets in charge of NIH and CDC, and they have forced changes in their reports to support Trump’s lies.

Near the end, Troisi refers to “the myth foisted on us for decades — only they (Democrats?) and their mainstream media apostles can solve our problems.” I have never heard a Democrat or any of the “media apostles” say that they have all the answers. Troisi, like many Trumpists, repeats things like that with no evidence. Some writers to this paper tell readers not to watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or NBC. I’m not going to suggest that people not watch FOX, but the other networks don’t rely just on their staffs — they bring in scientists, doctors, military experts, and people who have left the White House. In other words, look at as many sources as you can. And then use your head.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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