Financially better off with Trump

I was the average factory worker for 28 years. Under the Obama administration my 401K was stagnant and the factory at which I was working was closed by Pelosi and Reid. I had to retire at 61 as I was planning to finish my career there, but Ms. Pelosi, even after our union president went down and talked with her, closed our factory. We made incandescent light bulbs and the liberal Democrats said that was wrong and closed our plant by an act of Congress. Also my parents got very little or no increase in their Social Security checks.

Under the Trump administration, my 401K has grown by leaps and bounds, I have gotten two sizable raises in my Social Security check, and with the Trump tax cut, I was able to receive more money from my pension check than under Obama.

If Joe Biden rolls back or ends the Trump tax cuts, it is the same as raising taxes because I will get less in my pension check. The Democrats do not think taking away the Trump tax cuts is raising taxes because they don’t recognize his administration. They want to go back to unreasonable tax and spend. Also they will allow the United Nations to tax your paychecks with global tax because of climate change. Your taxes will rise under the Democrats.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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