Freedom of Choice

I keep hearing about undecided voters. How can anyone be undecided in this election? The choice is so stark that anyone who has been paying attention couldn’t possibly be undecided.

This election is about two completely opposite visions for the country.

The Trump vision is to restore the country to its original configuration of limited government and personal freedom.

The Biden vision is to transform the country to one in which government has the power to control anything and everything and to limit personal freedom “for our own good”.

The Trump vision is turning back to the system which created the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the world. The system that so many people envy.

The Biden vision is a system which has devastated the people of every country that has ever tried it. The system that people all over the world are fleeing, coming to this country.

The Trump system limits the power of politicians, reducing the incentive to bribe them.

The Biden system gives more power to politicians and the wealthy people who buy them.

The Trump system is American, while the Biden system is un-American. You might call it globalist, but it’s still un-American.

The Trump system allows people to take responsibility for themselves and to help those who cannot help themselves.

The Biden system promises to take care of everyone. It has never worked anywhere in the world, but it sounds good to people who don’t have the courage, confidence or strength to stand on their own and are unwilling to help those in need, so they want others to be forced to do it through government programs.

Trump believes the government belongs to the people; Biden believes the people belong to the government.

This election is a choice between freedom and serfdom; between being a citizen and being a subject. It’s your choice. Make it wisely.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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