I see that the James V. Brown Library is in trouble again. I think that if everyone gave $5 or even $1 every time they brought their books back, there would be enough money to support the library.

I used to do that in the small town library I used. It isn’t much, but every bit counts. The Library is important to everyone and if you don’t believe me, just need to know something that isn’t in a magazine or on TV.

Also, it was so nice to see the people in the news cleaning up the Monroe County Cemetery. More people should do things like that. Even the physically disabled can rake. My mother and I found a forgotten cemetery in Montour County and had it cleaned up by the prisoners in the sheriff’s jail. People didn’t even know it existed!

More and more people should look to doing things like that. Meet more friends, learn about the people buried there (you might even find a distant relative too!) Lots of friendships can be made in doing good for others.

In addition, don’t forget: Wash, wash, wash, wear your masks and keep your distance. And of course, vote!



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