Make your vote a climate vote

If you are concerned about climate change, if you have seen climate change affecting the 12th Congressional District, vote for Lee Griffin in the upcoming election.

According to opinion polling, a majority in our district knows that global warming is happening and is affecting weather. In 2019, several of our counties were declared natural disaster areas because of excessive rain. This year, it’s severe drought conditions in several counties. Now, we want action.

A sizable majority favor, for example, setting strict C02 limits on existing coal-fired plants. A recent federal appeals court agreed, overturning EPA’s weak air pollution rules for Pennsylvania’s coal-fired power plants. Fred Keller’s response? “Fighting for President Trump’s America First agenda.” But Allison Herren Lee, a Trump-appointed member of the Securities and Exchange Commission, summarized the Trump approach to climate change: “As the climate crisis intensifies, U.S. environmental policy has moved dangerously backward.”

We need a representative who understands climate change and its effects. Lee Griffin, the Democratic candidate for the 12th District, gets it: “The climate crisis is here and already affecting PA citizens and impacting the state’s economy.”

Griffin will do the right thing on climate. This year, make your vote a climate vote. Vote for Lee Griffin.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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