Nursing home deaths

My father is in a nursing home and when the staff warned my family that Gov. Wolf was putting COVID patients in nursing homes I couldn’t believe anyone could be so stupid. It turns out Democratic governors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California all put COVID patients in nursing homes. None of this is in main stream media. Democrats are hiding this information and blaming Trump.

Detroit News newspaper of July 31 said Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a bill from the GOP-controlled Legislature that would have shifted elderly people with COVID-19 away from nursing homes and into entirely separate facilities. The bill was a direct challenge to the Whitmer administration’s handling of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has focused on caring for those with the virus in isolated spaces of existing homes. In a letter explaining her veto, the Democratic governor said the bill was based on “the false premise that isolation units created within existing facilities are somehow insufficient to protect seniors.”

Governor Cuomo’s brother Chris did an interview with Ted Cruz and admitted his brother made a mistake “My brother was the first one to say that there was a learning curve and that mistakes were made and they changed things as soon as they could” two months later. Yet the governor says “I put my head on the pillow at night saying I saved lives, that’s how I sleep at night.” He doesn’t care, in my opinion.

Fox news reported: “According to a report from the New York State Department of Health, 6,326 COVID-positive residents were admitted to (nursing home) facilities following Cuomo’s mandate that nursing homes accept the readmission of COVID-positive patients from hospitals.”

Nursing homes are not equipped to handle a virus and putting COVID patients in close proximity to fragile elderly people is a disaster waiting to happen and it did — 68 percent of Pennsylvania deaths are from nursing homes. Democrats are using our senior citizens as pawns by killing them off and blaming Trump. Democrats have no heart or conscience.



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