The radical war on America

Now that burning down America has “suddenly” become unpopular in the secret in-house DNC polls, the Democratic candidates are no longer calling arson “peaceful protesting,” rioting “freedom of expression,” the sacking of department stores “mothers in search of bread for their hungry children,” and the beating of people wearing MAGA hats “public discussion.” Therefore the Democrats need to rebrand its cheered-on destruction of American cities. The solution is the usual one. Trump did it! And the media leash-dogs of the DNC instantly start barking out lead stories. “Trump burned down America’s cities!” “Trump did nothing to stop the carnage!” Of course, nothing is said of Trump’s endless offers to send in the National Guard only to be abusively rebuffed by Democratic mayors and governors, and then threatened with lawsuits.

But all of this is just the political theater of the socialist absurd, which is a cunningly dumb play written by the liberal media and funded by secret opinion puppet masters. The really strategic question is why the Democrats would allow their cities to be ruined in the first place.

Unfortunately the answer is simple and even obvious. The radical Democrats consider themselves to be in a state of war with Trump. As any general can tell you, you must waste some of your forces if you fight a war. That being the case, these radical Democrats are quite willing to “waste” hundreds of their cities’ buildings and businesses and cause numerous deaths to win Washington in November. And why not? If they win, they can write themselves a Washington check to rebuild what they themselves wrecked through their hatred of private property and the rule of law.

Some readers will express astonishment at this seemingly cynical assessment, and therefore doubt its credibility. But anyone who has studied communism knows that the ends always justify the means for such ruthless revolutionaries, and that “peace-loving” radicals will destroy anything to take control of everything. “You can’t make an omelet without cracking eggs!” is the old communist mantra, and it’s always repeated with a crass and nasty laughter. Replace “eggs” with “heads” and you’ll get its meaning. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao had no problem with cracking eggs — millions of them — to move history “forward” into their rude and brutal hands. The same cynical disregard for individual lives and private property is now on display in America’s own DNC “liberation” cities. There’s only one small problem. You could be the next “sacrifice to progress” in the name of “the people’s freedom” in these tyrants’ bid for total and permanent power. And then they’ll laugh at the human omelet they’ve made of you and your family and your reputation and your property.

Stop this “Radical War On America” by voting a straight Republican ticket on Nov 3.




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