Why do liberals annoy me?

My response to an obviously ignorant (definition: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing) person’s recent Letter to the Editor:

1) The investigation of Russia trying to help Trump with the 2016 election was proven to be false by the exasperating Mueller Report.

2) Trump did not separate children from their parents at the border with Mexico. Obama did. Further, many of the children who were separated from the adults weren’t related to those adults. They were brought to the United States by people posing as parents to gain entry across the border.

3) Trump was accused of calling veterans “suckers and losers” by an “unknown source,” according to a magazine article. Anybody can claim an “unknown source” for anything he/she might want to say. People that were there denied the claim.

4) Trump did not withhold aid to the Ukraine. First, when Russia was invading the Ukraine and the Ukraine asked the United States for help, Obama sent them blankets. Not military help or assistance.

5) The Ukrainian government was investigating a corrupt operation by Burisma, a large gas company. The government was, at the same time, trying to get a billion dollars in aid from the United States. Joe Biden, V.P. at the time, told them that if they don’t stop the investigation by the end of the day, and fire the lead investigator that he would leave at the end of the day, and they would not get the money. The investigator was fired, and Joe’s son, Hunter, got a job with Burisma, at $50,000 per month. Hunter Biden had no experience in the gas industry.

6) Hunter Biden also received $3.5 million from the wife of a Russian mayor. Why? Who knows!

7) Trump wants to replace Obamacare with a plan that is better and cheaper for our citizens. The person who designed Obamacare even mocked, and laughed at it on TV. He said, I can’t believe we actually got this through!

8) Trump did not, and is not, trashing our allies. He wants them to pay their fair share to the United Nations, as they previously agreed to do. And they have been increasing their payments. That’s getting respect — not us trashing them.

9) Mexico is providing police to inhibit border crossings. Additional tariffs on Mexican goods are helping to pay for the wall.

Keep America Great. Vote a complete Republican ticket in November, unless you want more violence in your streets.



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