Accolades to voters

Accolades to the voters of America! In the quietness of your home or in the privacy of the voting booth, you contemplated our nation’s future, and with a determined hand you inked in the circle that said “no more” to the impeached fraudster’s lies. You rejected his racism, you rebuffed his divisiveness, you repelled his conspiracy theories, and you fired him because he is dishonorable and dangerous, in my view.

For four long years, his insipid platitudes tweeted or read from a teleprompter have been, in the words of the great English bard, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. In comparison to his successor who will unite us and govern with integrity and humility, he is laughable and little, a deflated orange beach ball languishing in some odious and forgotten corner, bereft of principle, void of significance.

Thank you, American voters! Guided by providence, you asserted your will with wisdom and forethought, and you saved democracy and our beloved nation from what could only have been certain destruction. Because of you, our United States will not only survive, but once again we will thrive.

We welcome Joe, we welcome Kamala, and with them we move toward the dawning of a new day, a day that promises healing and hope, unity and leadership to our troubled and rudderless nation.



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