Get back to governing

The recent move by Republican leaders in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to launch hearings into the process undertaken in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election is merely a delay tactic. Although billed as an effort to assure voters that the election was handled freely and fairly, the tactics only serve to cast doubt on the election process and sow seeds of discontent.

The Republican leaders are also calling for a legislative-led audit of the General Election results prior to those results being certified by the Department of State. The election rules were set in bipartisan-supported law passed a year ago and court rulings confirmed the procedures that were used to tally votes in this election. Audits are held routinely in each elections and there is no need for an additional investigation.

Both Representatives Jeff Wheeland and Garth Everett have been quoted by this newspaper saying they have no evidence of irregularities or fraud.

Let’s move on to the important legislative activities central to governing our Commonwealth during this pandemic.


Fairfield Township

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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