Last outrage

In the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton lost Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by a combined 77,000 votes, leading to her defeat. What did Hillary Clinton do next? Did she claim voter fraud? No. Did she demand recounts? No. The very next morning, she called Trump to concede the election. The next day after that, President Obama welcomed President-Elect Trump to the White House as a means of initiating the transition process. In other words, Clinton and Obama acted as adults.

Now, President Trump has lost those same three states by a margin of 220,000 votes, leading to his defeat. Alas, no surprise here, he is claiming mass fraud, filing multiple lawsuits. Trump claims 14,000 dead people voted in Michigan. There is a list! The origin of the list and its author are unknown. Surprise. CNN checked 50 names on this list. The 1st 25 on the list and 25 at random. Of the 50, 37 were dead and had not voted. Five of the 50 had voted and are still alive. The other eight are still alive but did not vote. Instead of accepting defeat like a man, Trump spins his fake news and conspiracy theories. Acting like a child, in my opinion.

And then there is this. Way back in February, Trump inferred COVID-19 was “a new hoax” invented by the Democrats. There are thousands of Trump supporters who actually believed that COVID would automatically disappear the day after the election. It was just a “hoax.” Now, one week after the election COVID is running rampant across the country.

Trump always likes to say he invented the term “Fake News.” Well, maybe he did. And he has certainly lived it and relished in throwing out more Fake News time and time again. His inability to accept this election loss is yet another sign of his immaturity, but more importantly, a sign of the selfishness of putting himself above the good of the country, in my view.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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