Madam President

Has President-elect Kamala Harris picked her vice president yet? If Mr. Joe Biden really thinks the liberal, progressive “squad” is going to let him stay in office more than six months to a year, he had better think it over again. The liberal, socialist, and progressives are planning to push him out before the end of 2021 (in my opinion). Nancy Pelosi is looking for a way under the “Succession Amendment” to remove a sitting President by a commission from the House, if a number of House members feel the President needs to be removed. It will not matter what doctors or lawyers will say, only the House commission will be able to make the judgment. The House being run by socialist, liberal progressives.

Has Mr. Biden picked out a nice shawl and rocking chair for the time when the Democrats put him out to pasture?

Let us just hope that President-elect Harris doesn’t pick someone like AOC or Pelosi for her vice president.

America, hold on to the seat of your pants! The changes will come fast and furious once Biden is ousted by his own party.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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