Please wear a mask

I am a healthcare worker at a skilled nursing facility and I get so upset seeing people out in the communities without wearing their mask. Our facility has been in lockdown — no families, friends and visitors are allowed in the facility. This has been going on since March. We have tried our damnedest to keep this vicious monster from invading our facility. Those that choose not to wear a mask should do so for others whom they don’t realize they could be infecting.

Do you realize if you infect a healthcare worker and then they exposed one of your loved ones, this could be detrimental to their health. Please wear a mask. We do at our jobs eight to 12 hours a day to protect your loved ones, not to mention our facility is requiring all workers and patients a weekly COVID-19 test and if the county’s infection rate rises above 10 percent, we look forward to twice-a-week testing.

Thanks for wearing a mask. Do it for the ones you’re not thinking about.


Trout Run

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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