Restock the swamp

Well, the election of all elections is over and the Democrats are to be congratulated for an election well stolen, in my opinion. They are jumping for joy and dancing in the streets (better than their last effort of looting, rioting, and property destruction) for their election of the new Swamp Master. Look out, now the swamp will be restocked with gators, snakes, and all sorts of nefarious creatures. I can just imagine the lineup: Beto O’Rourke, AOC and her squad, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, just to name a few, who will be receiving their rewards for their support, albeit grudgingly as it might be. I find it amazing though, that not one dead person cast a vote for Trump!

I believe our unalienable rights are about to be squashed and fed to the swamp creatures to appease their socialist appetite. Abortion will surely be named the National Birth Control method. Be prepared to fend for yourselves when the Police are disbanded or greatly diminished, not to mention the attempted, if not successful, abolishment of the Second Amendment. Iran will probably receive another pallet full of money, this time in an amount in excess of the billions and billions of dollars it was gifted by the Obummer and Biten regime. Our borders will become an open door for any and all, no matter what their background, and your taxes will be generously disbursed to any and all who can swim, crawl, or be carried across our Southern border.

But wait, there’s more! China will surely flood the U.S. market with more goods than ever before after the Swamp Master removes all tariffs. We can say goodbye to our manufacturing firms returning to the USA. After all, how can we pay back the Chinese and Iranians for their help in the election? Kiss “America First” goodbye along with all of the other patriotic actions taken by President Trump. Surely our Military will once again be decimated ala Obummer fashion. The only hope to prevent this is for the Republicans to maintain a Senate majority. With the runoff elections in Georgia, this may be difficult, but not impossible. If both Republican candidates win, no problem. One is still OK, but watch out for the ballot stuffing to once again be in play. Time will tell. Trust for American elections is in the toilet!

The good part, though, is God is still in control and that is certainly reassuring. God bless and protect the USA.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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