Tax-exempt properties

Interesting to learn that over 2,000 properties in Lycoming County are exempt from paying property taxes. Can you do another article indicating just why some properties are tax exempt?

As an example, there is an organization of Bible thumpers near Salladasburg that has a property tax exemption for their facilities used to train members to work in other countries. Just how does that provide a service to Lycoming County citizens?

On my travels into the Amazon Basin, I was told several times that the locals consider this organization to be nothing more than modern-day slave traders. According to the locals, these “missionaries” convert native hunters into consumers and then rent the local tribe members to local agricultural operations so the natives can pay for goods they don’t need. Why should we subsidize their activities by allowing their property to be tax-exempt?

Does anyone in our government ever check if a tax-exempt organization is actually providing a service to our community?



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