Vote count

The voters of Pennsylvania deserve to have their legal votes count. Turning a blind eye to the fraudulent actions of voting rights is appalling. There needs to be an investigation into people turning away poll watchers and police refusing to enforce judges’ orders. What has happened to the ideals and values that our service men and women fought for? The people of these United States need to have the sense of security and faith in our voting system, but that seems lost in the facts we are given. My friends and family believe a re-count or even a re-vote is needed to reassure the people of this state, this country that our voting system works.

I ask that if you believe that the votes were tampered with, write your state legislators, senators, congressmen, governor and anyone else you think could be of help to correct this voting debacle. Perhaps if we create a Red Wave of pressure on our government, Trump supporters can get some action out of the slow-moving political process.



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