Biden’s Climate Czar Kerry: A Joke

Biden’s naming of John Kerry as his climate-change envoy is a sick joke. Anyone who follows national/international issues and politics knows Kerry’s past is replete with lies and failures too numerous to list here. His disastrous Iran nuclear deal, for example, was one of the very worst deals ever negotiated, in my view. A major issue with Kerry, whom I believe to be an extraordinarily pretentious, pompous blowhard, is the fact that he advised the mullahs of Iran to not negotiate with President Trump which probably undermined U.S. foreign policy interests. This fact alone should disqualify him from ever serving in any American governmental position again.

All of the human-caused climate-change greenies will have this person recommending that we retire all of our fossil fuel industries. This will not only cripple industry, it will make America weak again by forcing us to, in the end, rely on foreign sources of oil — again. If and when they get their way, we will see soaring gasoline prices and massively higher utility bills. Meanwhile, this rather inept politician and policy-maker will hypocritically fly to Aspen on his private, gas-guzzling and polluting private jet to enjoy weekends of skiing, and maybe then fly on to the south of France for some sun and relaxation. His fabulously wealthy wife will pay the tab. What a honey he is.

The really scary thing is that his new position as climate-change czar will give him a seat at the National Security Council meetings, giving him an opportunity to continue to attack the President Trump-brokered Abraham Accords that helped to restore our elevated position in the Middle East, which had been virtually destroyed by people like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Today, we have a Middle East where Israel and many of the Arab states are starting to realize that they just may be able to live together as we move forward in the 21st century, hopefully in relative peace. I would humbly suggest to Joe Biden: Don’t let people such as John Kerry and members of the radical “squad” foul things up for the United States and the people living in the region of the world.


South Williamsport


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