Congressman Fred Keller

Every Pennsylvanian, regardless of party, should be concerned when our Constitution is violated and unlawful actions go unchecked. We have got to get this right before the next election. That requires our leaders taking a stand.

Only a handful of Congressmen have had the fortitude to stand up for Pennsylvanians whose rights had been violated. Fortunately, one of them is our Congressman, Fred Keller.

I have known Fred for years. I supported him when he was our state representative, and I support him now that he is working on our behalf in Washington. He truly represents our values and has our best interests at heart.

Congressman Keller went out of his way to explain the constitutional grounds on which he objected to Pennsylvania’s Electoral Votes and some still endeavored to paint his actions as some sort of deranged loyalism to the President. As Fred pointed out, his objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes was based on the Constitution, not an attempt to overturn an election.

Our elected officials have a responsibility to defend our Constitution. I’m grateful that Congressman Keller continues to stick up for what is right.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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