Future Prediction

I often let my mind wander.

There, in the distance, can you see it coming?

Consider the classic slapstick comedy or cartoon segment where a person does a fight move.

Everyone, I am sure, has seen one where the “aggressor” charges the “hero”, the hero sidesteps, the aggressor falls face down with all the force of his own attack and crumbles to the ground in failure.

You might think I am referring to President Trump when actually I am speaking to the Democrats.

Come Jan. 20 you will be the ones being watched by the “glass eye of Big Brother” from the book “1984 — Big Brother is Watching”. It will watch and listen to what the Democratic Party says and does. Any and all decisions or statements being made will not only be watched by everyone in America but by the entire world.

You will have no one to blame for your mistake in judgement, miss quotations or bad decisions. The responsibility rests solely with your “Party”. Welcome to the real world.




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