Has Trump honestly been good for Lycoming County?

Looking at the official results from the general election this year, Trump won 69.8 percent of the presidential vote in Lycoming county and this has raised the question for me, what has he done for this region? Looking back to his campaign promises, one big thing he pushed was bringing back manufacturing jobs to not just Lycoming but to northeast Pennsylvania in general. And I wonder if he was just playing a sick joke on the people who live here. His continued trade war with China has done nothing but take away manufacturing jobs not just in Pennsylvania but in the nation as a whole.

But another issue pertinent in this area is fracking. Trump has claimed that President-elect Biden is against fracking while Biden says that he simply does not want to expand fracking, rather using time and resources to expand renewable energy, which would create many jobs in Pennsylvania as well as in the country as a whole. So, I am legitimately curious as to how Trump managed to win this county when he has done nothing but harm to the people who live in it.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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