I lost a good friend the other day

I lost a good friend the other day, not from COVID or old age but from politics. We had been friends for over 30 years.

We had fun with other friends, suffered together when sickness or injury invaded our lives, hunted, fished and helped one another when it was called for. During a phone call recently we talked about the weather and just mundane things and then the conversation turned to the vaccines that are coming out and everything went south from there.

I was repeatedly told that he was old enough to not put up with my or anyone else’s BS. How Trump was trying to steal the election, the right was behind all the riots, and me and my ilk were the cause of all the problems.

During the many years I’d known him, I don’t recall any conversations about politics other than the normal beefs that I think everyone has had with government from time to time, but the tirade that was launched at me was shocking, to say the least.

I tried to get out of the conversation and tried to remind him of our friendship for all those years but it had no effect. I ended the phone call telling him that I hoped we could shake hands over the fence in the future.

On reflection I realize that our friendship is now dead because of the political poison that has permeated our society. It appears that if you are radical left or right, there is no middle ground.

Do I believe that there were problems with the election? Yes. Do I blame any one but politicians on both sides? No.

I will miss my friend and do wish him the best, but I am not the problem that he accused me of being.



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