Incumbency to Insolence: Gene Yaw

On Dec. 28, Sen. Gene Yaw published and released a newsletter entitled, ever so kindly: “Let’s Get Things Straight.” This newsletter, sent to hundreds of his constituents, was attacking these very constituen — yes, the very same people who elected him to office.

So, I say let’s get things straight.

Never in my life have I read such a hostile letter from a representative of the people, Senator Yaw, insulting the intelligence and patriotism of his constituents. The job of the Senator is to go to Harrisburg and represent the people who sent him there. While these Senators are doing their work, they will receive opinions from constituents from all different walks of life, and maybe even those who aren’t their constituents. Following such a contentious election, one would reasonably assume that these representatives will receive a vast majority of complaints about the election and the vote. It is the duty of that representative to listen to these complaints and act.

So, what went wrong? Well Sen. Yaw, who has been in office for 12 years, soon to be 16 after this new term, didn’t like hearing from his constituents, and so much so that he released this “scathing” newsletter. In this newsletter, he found it necessary, and fitting, to parade his “accomplishments” before his constituents stating that he is a veteran, so surely he is a patriot; a lawyer, so surely he understands the law; a senior member of the state Senate, so surely he knows the process and responsibilities; and finally he feels so entitled to his position that one should most definitely question his running again, and if you do, well, he thinks you are a “misinformed soul.”

This arrogance, pompousness, and insolence is appalling and unbefitting of even the position of dog catcher. You and I pay the salary of this Senator, and it is you and I who put him in office, and I wager it is time to remove him from office. Harrisburg is riddled with corruption, consistently falling within the top 10 corrupt state governments and this corruption comes from people like Gene Yaw, Senators and Representatives who feel so entitled to their position that they feel they can insult their own constituents on their own dime. I demand, as should you, that Sen. Gene Yaw publicly apologize for his pure disrespect and sense of entitlement. Who knows, maybe I will receive a newsletter attacking me for writing this.


South Williamsport

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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