Legislative stupidity

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller put out a statement on Jan. 7 saying the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was “shameful, completely unacceptable and un-American.” Doesn’t he realize that what he and other Republican legislators have been doing, in their efforts to invalidate the votes of millions of U.S. citizens, is just a white collar version of what the rioters were doing?

The vote to elect Joe Biden was legal and legitimate. Not one of the allegations of massive fraud and “stolen election” has been proven true. Responsible state officials and judges across the country, Republican and Democrats, have affirmed this, over and over again. You can accuse anyone of cheating, but by law in our nation a public accusation has to be backed up by facts. Despite all the shouting, all the presidential tweets, the facts simply aren’t there. The election was legal. Biden won. Trump lost.

Fred Keller may be trying to court votes, but that does not permit him to break his oath of office, his oath to uphold the Constitution, which is what he has done in joining those seeking to undermine our democratic process. Instead, he should be acting like a leader and trying to help make government something that works, instead of just a glorified cage fight.

And speaking of protestors, can anyone imagine what the response would have been, from law enforcement as well as legislators, if those rioters who stormed the Capitol had been Black Lives Matter protestors? If they had been mostly Black? Or Native Americans?

The Jan. 6 rioters were overwhelmingly white, mostly men. As they raged up the Capitol steps and broke down the doors, where were the tear gas canisters, the dogs, the flash grenades, the rubber bullets? Of the thousands who stormed the Capitol, broke windows and furniture and generally created mayhem, only a few dozen were arrested. We are embarrassed before the entire world. America ought to be able to do better than this.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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