In times of crisis, everyone needs money to get by. But I know that our County Commissioners as well as many county workers make more money than the average worker does.

I would like to suggest that a spending moratorium on all county workers (new hires, directors, commissioners, etc.) be put in place. No more raises!

Other areas have put in place moratoriums on spending and have had no problems. So why do our commissioners find it necessary to dole out raises when we really don’t have the money to spend?

Here we are, in a financial crunch because of COVID-19, people are suffering because they don’t have enough money, food, rent, or childcare. Some folks can’t even see their families because of COVID.

When will this end? I would love to help if I could, but at my age, physical condition and the lack of money, I can only do what I can do. But the commissioners can do better for our county!



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