I am going to try to identify it, so that we may attempt to solve the problem it is causing in our society. First of all, it is a weakness, not a strength or virtue. It is an emotion to overcome another or an event and not to accept it, which takes some mental strength. What is ironic about this is that the media will pick up on these happenings routinely when groups form. The progressive media or far right journalists tend to celebrate their reporting that they report the worst of intentions of the group.

Remember how this all started; an individual or a few were emotionally disturbed by someone or an event. They were so driven by loathing maybe over some political discourse or injustice or something petty that their weak mindedness and unproductive response spurred their emotions into a rage. Our culture has witnessed so much of this in our society via the media.

It has become known as the “outrage culture.” We are not impervious to it and it has infected many of us in our society. Students in some elite universities are being radicalized and as they view their surroundings they see the weaponization of emotions being elevated to normalization.

Undesirable language, physical violence, with the absence of reason or fact encourages public indictment and mob rule. Resulting in hypersensitivity, had actually infected our society. These emotional microaggressions we see all around us are not new in history, but at least we are on track for identifying the problem.


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