Sen. Yaw’s assault on doctor/patient privilege

Sen. Yaw plans to reintroduce SB 112 in 2021. I have a few concerns with this proposed legislation. As he has articulated in previous newsletters/press releases, he is a lawyer. This bill, sponsored by a lawyer, infringes on the doctor/patient relationship by imposing a seven-day limit on prescription lengths for opioid medication. Medical decisions should be spearheaded by doctors and their teams. I see no legislation being presented to limit similar venerated relationships between lawyers and clients or clergy and parishioners.

The PA Medical Society opposes this bill. I have asked Sen. Yaw on two occasions whether he consulted with any doctors about this bill and are there any who support it. I have received no response. I fear people without access to reliable transportation will have a much harder time accessing needed medication by being forced to get it weekly. I find it alarming that lawyers, with no medical training, are attempting to legislate restrictions on doctors who have years of training and experience. Simply put, as a lawyer, I feel he needs to stay in his lane and withdraw this legislation.



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