Where are the plows?

Well here it is, Day Five after the big snow fall. My wife had called Streets and Parks on Thursday morning and asked if we could get our paved alley, on which we live, plowed. We work at the hospital, next door neighbor is a prison guard and one other person works at a doctor’s office. So we all need to get out. We were told this would be taken care of. Friday I saw a backhoe go down the alley but no plowing was done.

As I said, Day Five and no plow trucks to be seen. Even the paper said by Thursday alleys would be cleared.

I’m sure the mayor’s street was one of the first ones to be done.

I love it when my taxes are put to such good use. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot they go to pay the salaries of these people. Money well spent.

P.S. With every administration, except Campana’s, I’ve had to call and fight to get our alley cleared. Lived here 42 years.




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