Betting the rule maker was not a veteran

I was interested in your front page article of Feb. 3 about a veteran “in good shape.” Happily a survivor of two wars got his COVID-19 inoculations from VA. Well, he did and I cannot despite also being a veteran.

I was hospitalized for a month in August 1964 at Fitzimmons Army Hospital in Denver and last week applied for disability and a COVID-19 inoculation. Today the Bath, New York, VA told me I do not qualify for a COVID shot because I earn too much money in retirement. Wow! What a travesty. In 1964 I was an E-3 earning $128 per month, before taxes and Social Security deductions. I went to college under the GI Bill 1966-1970, worked hard and retired. So now I do not qualify despite my medical records of disability.

So much for veteran care and consideration. I would like to know who made up this rule. We will never be able to fix responsibility. I will bet the rule maker was NOT a veteran. I am still glad I served. After all, the administration is busy giving free medical to illegals, so who cares about disabled veterans?




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