Death of the GOP

The Democratic Party did the best they could to offer a gift to the Republican Party. They impeached former President Donald J. Trump for the second time. All the Republicans had to do was vote for conviction, and they as a party would have been rid of him forever. I am not sure why a party would want someone who constantly told the “big lie” that the election had been stolen from him and who tried to overturn the results of an election by encouraging a riot and take over of the U.S. Capitol. But for whatever reason, so-called Republicans voted to acquit him.

So, how many Republicans are left? As near as I can figure there are seven in the Senate and 10 in the House of Representatives, those who voted for impeachment. There are now 43 senators and 200 representatives who are members of the newly formed Trump Party. Then there is the issue of the removal of Marjorie Taylor Greens from committees in the House because of her conspiratorial views and threats on fellow members of the House. A total of 199 Republicans voted to keep her on those committees so they are now members of the QAnon Party. As one can see, the Republican Party is dead and needs a new name, in my opinion. Should they be called the QAnon Party of the Trump Party? I have two other suggestions. They could be called the Coward Party for their refusal to stand up to Donald J. Trump and all his lies especially the “big lie.” Or perhaps they should be called the Worm Party because I have never seen a group of politicians that was so spineless when confronted with such obvious impeachable offenses.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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