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The dullards who are calling for the doubling of minimum wage have no concept of basic economic principles. There is absolutely no forethought on long term effects. The only focus is on short term gain.

There will be an immediate loss of jobs because of the employers need to find ways to reduce costs. It will be followed by a rapid increase in the price of goods and services. What is the plan from the $15/hour minimum wage advocates for the Social Security recipients who are just getting by now? What are those folks, and years of people who retire behind them, supposed to do when the cost of living doubles overnight?

What is the plan for the workers who busted their butts to pull themselves up from minimum wage who will be dragged back down to the level of the non-skilled workers? How is that fair to them?

Minimum wage was never meant to be a “living wage.” It’s a starting wage for unskilled labor. Those jobs are stepping stones to better paying jobs. If you want a better economic standing make yourself worth more money with better skills and work ethic. If you are stuck at minimum wage for any length of time you need to look at yourself and find the reason because it’s you, not the employer or society. Dragging others down to improve your financial situation isn’t a viable option.



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