Snow day

A local district cancelled school last week due to a snow storm. Some parents were disappointed that the district did not provide virtual instruction on the snow day. Part of the superintendent’s rationale for the decision may surprise you.

“I think back fondly to when I had a snow day from school and the pure joy of playing in the snow with my siblings. I spent the whole day outside building snow forts and snowmen, and sledding down a hill in the neighborhood. Afterward, I would go inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. The genuine elation of being a kid who has a snow day can be an experience to relish. While the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed our district to be prepared to educate our students virtually and we have, it is likely that our students will see less traditional snow days in their future, but I believe getting out to play in the snow should not be a thing of the past.”

I was moved by the message advocating for the importance of play in the lives of children today. The sentiment was refreshing within an educational system hyper-focused on test scores and academic achievement which run counter to the tenants of whole child (cognitive, creative, emotional, physical, and social) development.

Sadly, the potential for children to experience joy, beauty, mystery, and mischievous delight is more likely to happen outside of the classroom today than anytime in the recent past.

So, bring on the snow!



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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