What Is Going On?

Those who thought it was terrible to protect our southern borders are now protecting themselves in the people’s house with fences and a lot of military. How much military does it take to protect them? It does not occur to them to protect us from those wishing to come across our southern borders that could harm us. Not only do the same people, using all that military to protect themselves, wish to defund the police. We must be crazy to keep electing them! Look how many of them have fences around their homes and how many of them can afford others to protect them. How many of us can afford that?

While they wish to take our firearms away, maybe not taking them yet, but how many of us can find ammunition? Not that I wish to see any violence. I would like to see what we can do to remove these officials from office. Are we paying attention to what they are wishing to do politically? An example is all those new bills just signed, about 56, made into law and maybe more to come. Our representatives didn’t get to vote on any of these bills.

Where do we wish to go? Do we wish to be free to think what we want and say what we want or do we want those politicians to keep thinking for us? I am not willing!


Jersey Shore

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