Wonderful increase in gas prices

A month ago our local gas station had regular gasoline at $2.40 per gallon. Today that same gas is $2.95 per gallon — a wonderful “gift” of a 25-percent increase from President Biden! Happily, I am retired and no longer commute 60 miles per day round trip to go to work. I hope all voters for Biden enjoy their increased commuter costs.

Why do we need to stop being energy independent? On Day One in office, Biden ended the Keystone Pipeline and tossed 11,000 people out of work. Are “better things” yet to come? I can hardly wait. When was the last time Biden bought a gallon of gas? Yes, he feels all drivers’ price pain at the pump? Keep voting Democrat and enjoy higher home heating costs, commuting costs and prepare for the next “energy crisis” we had in 1973 and 1976. Get used to the new reality!

President Trump told us what to expect. If higher fuel costs makes folks happy, then so be it. I only voted once while all the cemetery folks voted early and often.



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