America under siege

In the name of never letting a crisis go to waste, the Democrats used the excuse of the Jan. 6 Capitol event to ring Washington with barbed wire and military personnel during the inauguration. And as soon as that unjustified action could no longer be excused, the further excuse of the Fake Impeachment Trial Take 2 was invoked to continue the claim of Washington under siege. It’s true that Washington is under siege. But whereas a siege normally takes place from outside the wire, in this case it’s taking place inside the wire.

Of course, the besieged appearance of Washington can be apologetically attributed to contemporary events — to COVID or to the planned assault on Congress which therefore couldn’t be incited by a peaceful speech. But neither event merits a military lock down of the Capitol, which is now a fact. And so what matters now is the mindset of what these militarized moves mean. Trump calls for a peaceful march. And the Democrats call him an insurrectionist despot and wire Washington to look like the seat of government of an insurrectionist despot. And yet Trump the supposed despot isn’t there. But the Democrats are.

Everywhere we look in Washington today we see attempts to produce a one-party country. There are plans to stack the Supreme Court with more judges. There are plans to stack the Senate with new Democratic states. There are plans to stack the House with un-monitored mail-in urban votes. And therefore there are plans to stack the Electoral College and the presidency. In sum, the Democratic Party has plans to stack all branches of the federal government. This is in accord with the removal of minority committee members in the House who hold “incorrect” political opinions, and with the suppression of political speech on social media.

Of course, people will retort to this, “But this is America! Despotism can’t happen in a republic. Life will continue as usual!” That’s precisely what the Germans said when Hitler used the Reichstag fire to put Germany in a state of siege from which it never recovered. By the time the good citizens of Germany realized that Hitler was creating a one-party state, it was too late. Germany was already locked down — in the media, in the colleges, in the pulpits. And the people said, “But this can’t be happening here! This is Germany. We’re civilized. We’re a republic!” But they weren’t any longer. They were a locked-down one-party regime. And anyone who protested that fact in public was physically de-platformed — which is precisely what Democrats said on inauguration day with reference to Republicans like Trump “in exile.”

In Germany that exile was often irreversibly permanent. To this day Germans are still trying to understand how all this could have happened in the great center of civilization that Germany was. Of course, the American Founders knew the answer. Tyranny isn’t something that just happens to Huns. Tyranny dwells in the breasts of all humans. And if it isn’t constrained by strong constitutions, the balance of power, and the rule of law which no one is above, then that tyranny will come out, and it will wreak its wrath on even the best-intentioned people.

We can see that wrath coming out today. And we can see the tyranny at the state level too. We in Pennsylvania have our own “Governor” Wolf who, with his endless proclamations, has taken “emergency” control of the state government as well as much of the state, including its once-free economy. Fortunately the Pennsylvania Assembly is producing a state constitutional amendment to require legislative approval for extensions of emergency proclamations. And what does Wolf say to that?

“The constitutional amendment won’t apply to me!” In other words, Wolf is above the law, even the constitution. The Founders understood this attitude after having fought a war against a tyrant. Charity begins at home, and so does tyranny. The Constitutions of the American states and the United States are under siege right now. And home is where the political heart must beat for freedom.

In the past we Americans were always able to laugh at Hitler as in the satires by Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges. But the Germans soon learned not to laugh in public, not after they saw their next-door neighbors physically de-platformed by the Gestapo for illegal laughter and leader disparagement. Our present socialist-fascist “leaders” are as transparent as the Nazis in their self-serving hypocrisy and power accumulation. They try to disguise it with fatuous mantras of “Inclusion for all — except whites!” and “Freedom means free hand-outs!” But these dangerously despotic people aren’t clowns, and they aren’t trying to be funny. And that means we’ll soon be not laughing just like the Germans if the American Constitutions, state and federal, are allowed to be scorned and ignored. And if that indeed then happens, ask yourself this: We Americans saved the Germans from their Nazis. But who would save us from our tyrants? The Chinese?




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