You Reap What You Sow

Well thanks to Joe Biden and those who voted for him and those who were instrumental in rigging the election, we now are blessed with higher gasoline prices and prices will keep going up just like the electric, heating fuel oil and everything we have to buy that is shipped by truck, airplane and ship.

Here it is Feb. 22 and still you haven’t received the $1,400 stimulus payment for the Chinese virus that President Trump wanted to give you because the Democrats and Biden keep playing politics with it. They are just using the Chinese virus as an excuse to ram through billions and billions of dollars for pet projects that have nothing to do with the virus.

You people who voted for these Democrats and Biden now have to eat crow and try to endure even more of what these dictators plan on inflicting on the American people just like us who knew better.

Biden’s policies such as open borders on the southern border and travel restrictions to and from the state of Florida has people really confused since these illegal aliens coming into our country aren’t even vetted for any type of disease and yet the state of Florida is apparently a little healthier than almost if not all of the rest of the states.

Biden is reversing all of President Trump’s policies on Iran, the Paris Accord and Communist China.

We are back to being dependent on foreign oil from countries that want to kill and destroy the U.S.A..

We lost thousands and thousands of good jobs here just in the killing of the Keystone Pipeline and yet Biden is giving millions and even billions of taxpayer dollars to these very same oil-rich foreign countries that chant “death to America.”

It is permissible for China and European nations to have all these jobs and to pollute the environment without the restrictions that our own companies had to follow.

Biden and his communist administration are telling all of us what we are going to have to live with, work and think, excluding of course them. Case in point: John Kerry hobnobbing around in his own private jet instead of a commercial airliner, telling the hard-working U.S. citizens that lost their jobs that they made “poor choices” as far as their career choice.

Kerry’s idea is these people should maybe get a job in solar energy and the manufacturing of the components. Way to go, Kerry, China has a monopoly on that.

What is missing in all of this is Biden, his cabinet as well as Congressional members who are supposed to be working for us and listening to us but that is not happening here. All of them are telling us what they are going to do and what they are not going to do and they are telling all of us what we may do and what we may not do or have and there are so many sheep out there that are indoctrinated in accepting this.

I see a lot of you who voted for Biden are still elated that he was given the presidency but I also am beginning to see some of you are starting to regret your choice. Well it is only going to get worse while all the powers to be are getting richer and richer off of the selling of the U.S.A.

You reap what you sow.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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