Bad news, good news and confusion

I guess I’ll do the bad news first. I have written Congressman Keller numerous times but all I receive back are autoreplies. Nothing from the Congressman himself. I thought transparency was the name of the game when running for any political office, but I guess once elected, that must fall by the wayside. Has anyone else found themselves in the same situation?

Good news is my wife and I have received both doses of our COVID vaccine.

Which leads me to my confusion: masks. Why do people refuse to wear masks during this pandemic? Yesterday I read where a lady went into a pastry shop without a mask and started ranting with swear words and racial slurs because they asked her to put on a mask to be served. It reminded me of the time a man walked into a local restaurant. The hostess and a waitress, probably teens, asked him to wear a mask. His reply was to show them the gun he was carrying.

Does that confuse anyone else?



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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