Concerning guns

There was another radical, left-wing socialist letter to the editor in the Sun-Gazette on Feb. 27 concerning guns and gun ownership in the United States by a lady from Mansfield, another liberal, socialist college town. All high-capacity guns being forcibly removed from Australian hands in a very successful gun buy-back program? Wow! Does she mean that guns were forfeited at gunpoint by agents of the Australian government? Oh there is no constitutional right to bear arms for individuals in Australia. How about a God-given, natural right to own and bear arms put into writing by the founding fathers in our Constitution that are inalienable just like the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights?

Justice Antonin Scalia upheld our Second Amendment rights in his decision. A well-regulated militia is a militia of the citizens against the tyranny of an over-reaching federal government. And the fireworks are about to begin. The NRA has been protecting our Second Amendment rights for 150 years. Murder and suicides have been committed by other means more than they have by guns. Check the files and records of the FBI, the Justice Department and the attorney general. You liberals are hypocrites, in my view. How can the socialist-backed riots in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and so forth be called peaceful demonstrations and the demonstration on Jan. 6 in D.C. be called a terrorist act?

The writer should get her head out of the sand and get out of bed before noon and get the facts instead of getting the liberal news from her iPad, iPod, and flat phones. And if she doesn’t believe in capitalism, move to North Korea — you won’t last long there.


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