High gas prices

I was amused by the April 1 letter, “Who’s really to blame for high gas prices?” The writer quotes oil currently at $38.06 per barrel. On Page A9 of the same newspaper, your “Business/Markets” page quotes crude oil at $59.16 per barrel. Which is correct?

She attributes higher gas prices to the Pennsylvania gas tax. On Jan. 20, the same state gas tax was in effect as it is today, but on Jan. 20 the price was $2.40 per gallon and is now $3.09. On day one in office, President Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline by Executive Order. He ended the jobs for about 11,000 pipeline workers and oil was that day about $41 per barrel. Now it is about $60 per barrel and rising. Gasoline is 28.75 percent higher than it was the day before Biden ended our energy independence by the stroke of his pen!

Every time a person gasses up their vehicle, they need to understand Biden shares their pain at the pump. We only have 45 more months of his gas price increases to endure while the gas tax had nothing to do with the increase.




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