Ross Road shooting

My name is Kenneth Haynie. I’m the owner of the house on Ross Road in Trout Run that Nakoma Ross allegedly shot at on April 1.

Here is what I know, along with some of my own opinion: My son, Anthony, who was home at the time, said he was in the kitchen getting ready to fix some lunch when he heard the first shot at the back of the house. When he went to investigate and opened the bedroom door on the west side of the house, which faces the Ross property, he said the room was full of dust. Then he heard a second shot, which lodged in the petition wall between the living room and kitchen.

That’s when he called the state police and me. By the time I got there, three state police units and four officers were on site.

I was informed that at least two additional shots had been heard, one of which passed through my shop and the basement wall and lodged in the wall on the other side of the basement. The other took out a state trooper’s headlight. The first shot went through the exterior bedroom wall, three interior walls, bedroom, closet, bathroom, and lodged in the hallway wall. The second shot went through the window in the sunroom, the metal exterior door, a table leg and lodged in the petition wall between the living room and kitchen.

Nakoma Ross was allegedly shooting at my house with what I believe to be a 30 caliber – 308 off the deck of their trailer around 500 yards away for no known apparent reason, other than due to mental health issues, which is the reason I heard.

I was told he was in some treatment facility but was released early this year. I was also told that unsecured firearms were allegedly in the trailer. A Sun-Gazette reporter asked me at the hearing if I knew of a reason why the suspect would shoot at my house.

That is a question that is extremely bothersome. I would certainly like to know because I don’t believe mental health issues are an excuse to intentionally put my son’s life in jeopardy.


Cogan Station

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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