Self-Control not Gun Control

For 13 years, it was illegal to produce, import, transport or sell alcoholic beverages in this country. But people wanted to drink, so it was left to criminals to provide the alcohol for them. Organized crime made millions.

For decades now, many drugs have been illegal to produce, import, transport or sell, but people want those drugs so it is left to criminals to provide them. Organized crime has made billions.

In fact, the appetite for drugs in this country has made drug cartels more powerful than many Central and South American governments.

Now some geniuses in Congress want to ban certain firearms in this country. Think how much money the criminal cartels will be able to make smuggling weapons across our open southern border to sell to gang members and miscellaneous other murderers, while law-abiding citizens will be left defenseless.

Add to that the little fact that the illegal stuff is always more deadly than the legal products ever were. We will likely have an influx of fully automatic weapons.

This isn’t really about protecting the people, but protecting government from the people. These politicians know that criminals will still be able to get guns, but they don’t care about that, in my opinion. They don’t want freedom-loving, law-abiding people to have them, for the same reason the British didn’t want the colonists to have them.

I don’t want to ever have to use arms to overthrow a tyrannical government, but I also know that giving up that ability is the surest way to guarantee we get a tyrannical government.

I also don’t want to live where criminals are the only ones who have guns. That’s an invitation to disaster. The highest murder rates in the country are in cities with the toughest gun laws.

Don’t fall for the false promise of safety and security. The only one who can promise you that is you.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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